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Eco Advocacy relies on donations to support its work in advocating on environmental issues and also in striving to protect the interests of individuals and communities from adverse affects to their health and amenity.

We welcome donations to support our work. If you are in a position to donate please click on the donate button below and choose an amount. Alternatively, you may also execute an electronic bank transfer [EFT]. For security reasons we cannot display bank details on this website. Please email us for details.


Eco Advocacy has been pursuing environmental justice since 2016, though there were earlier incarnations since 2006. Eco Advocacy had been pursing proper planning and sustainable development together with appropriate enforcement and after many years of this, it was observed that public participation was deficient as was access to justice. Client Earth has been established in the UK as far back as 1993 (originally called ‘The Environmental Law Centre’) and it was considered that a similar environmental ‘legal’ NGO was required in Ireland.

Eco Advocacy was founded to promote community access to justice and fair procedures. We are a human rights organisation with an emphasis on supporting the Sustainable Development Goals together with fair procedures. Our vision is that the public is afforded unimpeded access to information, public participation in decision making together with access to justice on all matters relating to the environment and our heritage.

Our core values recognise that humanity cannot survive and thrive without a healthy environment and we promote principles of sustainability and conduct appropriate research to inform policy. Eco Advocacy also advocates on issues of appropriate planning principles together with enforcement of environment law and educates on issues affecting the environment such as invasive species and sustainable energy creation.

If you have any questions about our funding or how we put donation to good use, or if you would like to no more about our work generally, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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