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Water Conservation

Water is perhaps the most valuable resource on the planet, yet it is taken for granted and wasted on a daily basis. Whether you obtain your water requirements from a public water supply or from your own well, water is a very precious commodity.

Well Monitoring

On a practical level, people with their own wells are well advised to have the levels measured and the water analyzed periodically. The risks of water contamination and danger to human and animal health from a pollution event are ever present. Pollution may result from a poorly functioning septic tank or from an agricultural or industrial discharge in the area of the aquifer.

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Snow Scene-Bective Abbey
Snow Scene-Bective Abbey

At Eco Advocacy, we consider Heritage to be an important part of what we do. We are most concerned at the amount of unresolved material lying around the country, curtsy of various investigating archaeologist. This material cannot be lodged with the National Museum until the requisite reports are prepared and then submitted with the material. The material consist of bones; Human and Fauna together with other recovered artefacts. Much of the material is from dormant sites left behind in the wake of the 'Celtic tiger' years [in the Irish context] where developers went into liquidation and are out of funds.

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