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Eco Advocacy was founded in 2015. It was considered essential to fill a void in championing environmental rights and sustainability in all facets of environmental and employment objectives. Resources are always a limiting factor, but we endeavour to to conduct the necessary research to facilitate prosecution of environmental transgressions and also for comment on planning policies and proposals. This will typically include planning searches, land registry searches, photography and ordinance survey, to allude to but some of this. We can organise specialist reports to inform comment and the basis for a grounding affidavit in litigation cases. Furthermore, we have significant expertise in making submissions to the statutory authorities on planning and policy issues. We are au fait with the functioning of local government and other statutory agencies. We are most concerned with the lethargic attitude to enforcement of existing laws, licences and planning consents and continue to encourage and assist the statutory authority in this regard.

Our People


Mr. Kieran Cummins, Secretary

Kieran holds a BSc in Management and Law, together with a Diploma in Legal Studies. Kieran is a qualified solicitor in two jurisdictions; namely in Ireland and in England / Wales.  Earlier on in his career, he studied horticulture for 3 years at the Salesian College of Horticulture, Warrenstown, Drumree, Co. Meath, Ireland, which sadly closed its doors in 2009 for the last time.

Kieran formally worked as a HR officer in the human resources department of Fingal County Council (an Irish municipal authority). Prior to working as an officer in HR, he worked for some years as Supervisor Gardiner with the Parks Department of Fingal County Council. He managed a number of conservation and reinstatement projects and Newbridge House and Demesne. Additionally, he managed the authorities tree nursery, public allotments and a nature reserve (Rogerstown Estuary). He collobrated with IWC (now Birdwatch Ireland) and organised and supervised the construction of the bird-watching facility at Rogisterstown Estuary. Having significant experience in the area of landscaping together with remediation plans and has worked on some very challenging sites. Possessing such unique experience and expertise has proven to be very valuable when assessing EIA's and other planning proposals.

Kieran sits on the following committees: -

  • Human Rights Committee of the Law Society of Ireland, where he has served since is appointment in 2014.
  • Meath Strategic Planning & Economic Development SPC (Strategic Policy Committee) where he advocates for the environmental and voluntary sector, where he has served since is appointment in 2009.
  • He is also a member of the: - Royal Horticultural Society, the Irish Environmental Law Association and Birdwatch Ireland and the Meath Archaeological & Historical Society [founded 1918] which he served as President from 2015 to 2018.

Mediator: Kieran is an accredited mediator.

Photography: Kieran is also an experienced photographer, and employs that skill to great effect to professionally illustrate issues for high court proceedings and the various submissions which he prepares. You can view some of his photography, on

Music: Kieran is also a musician and multi-instrumentalist, playing Harp, Violin, Piano Accordion and Guitar with vocals.


Kieran Cummins
Kieran Cummins



Ms Suzanne Brady, Company Director

Suzanne is from County Cork, and currently resides near Enfield, County Meath. She is a track record in supporting environmental matters and is currently the chairperson of the Meath IEN (Irish Environmental Network). Suzanne has significant expertise in the restoration of estate homes to their former glory using original materials. 

Mr. Robert Cosgrave, Director

Robert is an accountant with a practise in Dublin.

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Eco Advocacy is a member of the Irish Environmental Network and is part funded by the IEN.


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